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World-Class Rhythmic Gym Club Grand Opening in Chantilly, VA


Great News! The brand-new world-class rhythmic gymnastics classes are opening in Chantilly, VA (DC area) in Jan. 2016. We have world-class dedicated coaches, fantastic facilities, serious training programs, competition training, etc. Our coaches were world champions, national team members, and Olympians. The head coaches are in U.S. national coach committee and now training the national team and candidates. Their students have won many world and national championships. Some of them are now in U.S. national team and national candidate camps.

We are so excited to offer such great unique opportunities in Chantilly to our communities for our promising kids. Now we offer three trial classes for all interested students (age 5-15) to try out our classes on 1/16 Saturday and 1/31 Sunday. The regular glasses are the same schedules. The high level team students will have more class schedules for competition training assigned by coaches.

Event: 2016 COMStar Rhythmic Gymnastics Trial Classes
Location: 14807 Willard Rd, Chantilly, VA 20151
Class Date & Time:
1) 1/16 Saturday: 4pm-5pm (age 7+)
2) 1/16 Saturday: 5-6pm (age 5-7)
3) 1/31 Sunday: 11am-12pm (age 5-15)
Class Size: <=10 (ages 5-15)
Programs: In these trial classes, each student will be evaluated by the coaches to enroll the appropriate level class. The 1-hour trial class program is as follows:

  • Aerobic warm-up (walk, march, kick, step, hop, run, jump, etc.)
  • Stretching
  • Body skills and dance elements
  • Evaluation and team-up
  • Q&A with parents
  • Networking with world champions and world-class coaches

Only limited slots are available, so do register ASAP!

Rhythmic Gymnastics Trial Class Registration

14807 Willard Rd, Chantilly, VA 20151

Each student pays $15 per class trial. Please fill out the following form to register for the trial class and then make payment. Since we only have a limited number of the slots available for trial on First-Come First-Served basis, please register a.s.a.p. 

Step1: Fill out the form and click "SEND"

Step2: Click "Buy Now" to pay

Only students who have paid for trial class fees by the deadlines are eligible to take the trial classes.